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Improve the security, architecture and user experience of your digital services with AuthMachine, in days - not weeks or months.

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Improved security, architecture and user experience in days

AuthMachine is a modern Identity & Access (IAM) digital platform that provides unrivalled security, speed of implementation, ease-of-use, features, scalability and value.

AuthMachine can be operated on-premise or in the cloud and delivers hassle-free IAM, empowering your organisation to focus on delivering digital services. AuthMachine supports a variety of open standards and is certified for all six OpenID Connect profiles.

AuthMachine is as effortless and fast to setup as an IAM SaaS solution, however you are in control. AuthMachine is delivered as a Docker-based appliance that you host in the cloud or in your own data centre, takes minutes to setup and provides excellent value.

We created AuthMachine because being in control of IAM is super important, and in general IAM is too important to be too difficult or too expensive to get right - which has been the case for decades.

  • OpenID Connect Certified
  • Modern IAM platform delivered as a Docker appliance
  • Full support for Kubernetes
  • Free 30-day hosted trial with instant setup
  • You have full control and ownership of your data
  • One-line installer for you to install AuthMachine yourself
  • Free Developer Edition, affordable pricing for business and enterprises

Your Identity & Access Management Services

Ensure that only the right users can access the right digital resources at the right times and for the right reasons.

Adaptive Authentication

Prevent phishing attacks by automatically identifying when something is different about a login event and requiring additional verification

Identity Verification

Verify user identity through additional measures. Pre-built Twilio integration for automated verification voice calls and SMS

One-time login codes

Increase conversion on your ecommerce site when users forget their passwords and send a one-time login code instead of doing the "fogotten password dance"

Multi-factor Authentication

Effortlessly use Google Authenticator with your digital services to provide two-step verification at login

Better Passwords

AuthMachine helps you to ensure that users have strong passwords

Social Providers

Easily integrate login with social providers such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and GitHub

MyAccount Portal

A secure logged-in area where users can administer their account. Able to be branded and extended by you.

Registration / Sign Up

New users can self register with their email address or using social providers


Pre-provisioned users (e.g. from an upstream system) can enter an activation code to complete their account setup

Password Management

Users can perform self-service password resets

Login once, access many systems

One set of credentials and one login event across multiple systems per session

OpenID Connect

AuthMachine is a certified identity provider (IdP) for all six OpenID Connect profiles - an identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol.


Configure AuthMachine as a SAML2 as an identity provider (IdP) to realise SSO with G-Suite and other enterprise offerings.


Use AuthMachine to realise SSO for the popular Discourse forum software

Flexible Permissions System

Centralise your permissions with AuthMachine's sophisticated permissions system and improve efficiency and security

Complex permissions use cases

AuthMachine's permission system supports sophisticated multi-tenant and multi-system authorisation scenarios

Clean, scalable architecture

Scale your relying applications without worrying about provisioning access rights to each instance or layer of your application

Auto Events

Execute custom events when events occur in AuthMachine. For example, call a REST API when users are registered or activated

SCIM Protocol

AuthMachine supports the SCIM protocol, meaning you can easily provision and de-provision users from remote systems

Administration Console

Use the modern and intuitive AuthMachine Admin Console to control every aspect

Access Logs

Track login & other events, allow users to see events related to their account


See which types of Identity & Access events are occuring when and in which volumes, which types of devices are being used etc.


Excellent value for business and enterprise customers.
Education providers receive a 30% discount with annual payment on the High Volume plan.


Up to 2,500 users

$849 / month

Paid Anually

  • Self-hosted or cloud-based hosting
  • All Features
  • Automatic Updates
  • Support within 1 business day
  • Free AuthMachine Architect Consultation


Up to 10,000 Users

$1,250 / month

Paid Anually

  • Self-hosted or cloud-based hosting
  • All Features
  • Automatic Updates
  • Same-day support
  • Free AuthMachine Architect Consultation

High Volume

Unlimited Users (min 15,000)

$0.12 user / month

Paid Anually

  • Self-hosted or cloud-based hosting
  • All Features
  • Automatic Updates
  • Same-day support
  • Free AuthMachine Architect Consultation

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