AuthMachine Docs

Customers, employees and partners expect secure and effortless digital services from your organisation. From a security and compliance perspective, the digital services you provide are being scrutinised by an audience that additionally includes regulators and hackers. An always-up-to-date, secure and scalable Identity & Access Management solution cannot be a secondary consideration for organisations that want to survive and thrive in the digital age.

Identity & Access Management, or IAM, is the security discipline that comprises the systems and processes to ensure that only the right users can access the right digital resources at the right times and for the right reasons. IAM includes mechanisms such as self-service password resets, single-sign on, multi-factor authentication and advanced features such as intelligent adaptive authentication to prevent phishing attacks. Effective IAM is the invisible cornerstone of successful digital organisations.

AuthMachine is a modern IAM digital platform that provides unrivalled security, speed of implementation, ease-of-use, features, scalability and value. AuthMachine can be operated on-premise or in the cloud and delivers pain-free IAM, empowering your organisation to focus on delivering digital services. AuthMachine supports a variety of open standards and is certified for all six OpenID Connect profiles.

AuthMachine provides all the IAM services your organisation needs such as single-sign on, single-log out, multi-factor authentication, adaptive authentication and more. If you have basic Linux skills, you can use the one-line AuthMachine installer and in around 5 minutes create your own instance of AuthMachine on your custom domain including https. If you need assistance or advice, our friendly consultants are available to help you achieve your goals at an affordable hourly rate.

AuthMachine is delivered as a docker-based software appliance that can be run on a single server, or easily configured to run in a high-availability architecture with Kubernetes or other container orchestration technologies on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or in a data centre of your choice.

Last updated on Apr 21 2019